• Johnson, John
  • McClure, John R.

1st Lieutenants

  • Jacobs, Nathan
  • Worsham, Snowden P.
  • Francis, Jonothon B.

2nd Lieutenants

  • Gray, David

1st Sergeants

  • Pennington, John



  • Gregory, Hiram
  • Burk, Hudson T.
  • Winchester, James G.


  • Smith, Henry C.
  • Davenport, Lewis M.
  • Hurt, John
  • Scott, Samuel L.
  • West, James P.
  • Sowders, Thomas
  • Zimmerman, James
  • Lockurd, John


  • Kerns, Isham



Name  Notes
Alexander, William  
Burks, Jonathan  
Boyate, Granville  
Brown, Micajah  
Boyate, Granville  
Blevens, Pleasant  
Blevens, John  
Blevens, Shadrach  
Blevens, William  
Burnett, Isacc  
Burnett, James, Jr.  
Butram, Newton J. More info available on biography page
Bruice, James  
Burk, Harmons  
Burk, Benjamin, Sr.  
Card, Robert S.  
Cecil, Daniel  
Criswell, William D.  
Coleman, Jason C.  
Coger, William J.  
Davis, William  
Dobbs, James T.  
Davenport, Francis M.  
Dolen, Edward  
Francis, Thomas  
Francisco, John  
Fields, Riley  
Gritfill, James  
Gregory, John  
Godsey, Samuel  
Gruff, Jacob  
Giles, William  
Hurt, John  
Hatfield, David  
Hicks, Joshua M.  
Hill, Andrew  
Hill, James  
Hill, William I.  
Huff, John  
Huff, Jesse  
Hicks, Isacc  
Hampton, Joseph  
Hampton, Zachariah  
Helton, Joshua  
Lewallen, Campbell  
Marcum (?), Arthur  
McCinney, James  
Morgan, Perry  
McCaughan, Harvey  
Owens, Baley  
Parmley, Giles  
Parmley, Allerdin  
Parmley, William  
Province, Tilman  
Routon, Shelby  
Sexton, Aaron More info available on biography page
Sowders, David  
Slaven, Alexander  
Slaven, Andrew B. * More info available on biography page
Slaven, Elihu  
Slaven, Granville  
Slaven, Elias Meshack * More info available on biography page
Slaven, James  
Slaven, John M.  
Slaven, Pleasant * My ggg-grandfather. His family went by name of Slavey.
Slaven, Richard D. *  
Smith, Aaron  
Smith, Alexander  
Smith, George W.  
Smith, Henry, Jr.  
Smith, Hiram  
Smith, Jefferson  
Smith, John  
Smithson, Ambrose N.  
Walker, Alexander  
Whitehead, Benjamin  
Zimmerman, Joseph  
Zimmerman, Leonard  



* I have a copy of this persons Civil War pension file. Any text in red was added by me.


The above list of soldiers was copied from the Adjutant General's Report, Roll of Company "I", Twelfth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. The items in the notes column were added by me.

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